Prague is like other capital cities. When the day ends, the fun doesn’t. Whether you are young or old, Prague offers you many adventures. It would be a shame to sleep. Instead of sleeping you can experience a lot of enjoyments. Prague nightlife is remarkable, one and only.

Everyone knows what to do in Prague during the day. Sights, shops, river Vltava. But what can the ancient Czech capital city show you under the light of the moon? The truth is Prague is breathtaking at any time of the day. It’s upon you which activities you will choose.

1. Sausages in Wenceslas Square

There are many kiosks and fast foods in Wenceslas Square. A few of them offers Wenceslas sausage. If you try this culinary delicacy around 1 am with a beer in hand, you will definitely be satisfied. This experience doesn’t cost much but it has its unique atmosphere.

2. View from Petrin Tower

Where you should look for nature in Prague? For example, around the Petrin Tower which is inspired by the Eiffel Tower. It has 299 steps and if you climb them a magnificent view will fascinate you. A panorama of the city is spectacular, especially at night. Petrin Tower closes at 11:30 pm, so start your night there.

3. Scary medieval underground

Do you like to feel scared? Then you should visit Prague’s medieval underground. There are evening walking tours every day starting at 9:45 pm. Tour lasts for 70 minutes, you will explore the cellars below the ground and hidden rooms. A guide will also tell you very interesting stories about alchemy, murders, mysteries, rebellions, executions, defenestrations and floods. Prague has a dark history.

4. Prague’s cocktails bars

Prague is not only a nice medieval city but also a city of sin. You can find a lot of bars and pubs there. Which are the best? That depends on what do you like.

One of the favorite bars in the center is Aloha Cocktail Bar Club with atmosphere which transports you on sun-filled island. If you visit Prague in the summer or just want to feel the summer vibe, you should go there, experience tastes of tropical fruit and energy-filled rhythms.

If you prefer luxury bars, then go to Hangar Cocktail & Music Club. It is a dance club, restaurant and cocktail bar where often take place birthday parties and bachelor’s celebrations. This bar took its inspiration from aviation. You will see star-shaped airplane engines and the elegance of the major airlines. Hangar Cocktail Bar Club is a place where you can feel really special.

5. Zizkov Television Tower

Prague is often referred as „City of a Hundred Towers“. Do you want to observe them all? In fact, there are more towers than a hundred. You can try to count them if you visit the Zizkov TV tower. It is the tallest building and at the same time the highest observatory. From 93 meters you can view the city in all its beauty.

So, your Prague trip doesn’t end when the day does. The city has its own beauty in the night.


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